Choose an interior designer

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Choose an interior designer

Most of the people hesitate in choosing a specialist when renovating or designing their home or office. First of all, if you thought about it you already have a budget in your mind so it’s easier to contact a specialist. It’s important that you have set a budget because there are infinite options and this should always be the starting point. Then, the designer should know what you want so the further design meets your demands. Perhaps you won’t know exactly how to explain to the designer what you want, but you can tell him your daily activities and hobbies, your favorite colors and styles, elements that you’ll like to see or keep in your space.

Basically, your budget should include:

  • The project (with authorizations in case you would like to modify any of the rooms)
  • Materials, sanitary and electrical equipment, heating installations – finishes and carpentry
  • Furniture and lighting equipment
  • Workmanship for the team that will be involved in the whole renovating process
  • Decorations and accessories (curtains, carpets, decorative objects, plants etc.)
  • Retouches and adjustments (which might be necessary in the end)

Every designer has a different approach of the designing process, but after a first meeting, anyone would like to actually see the space. However you can send some photos and a plan before so he can have an idea before coming. In this first meeting, the specialist will talk to you about your expectations, will measure the space, will give you some ideas and will establish how the whole process will proceed. This first meeting is practically a consultation which will be paid. Its price is usually between 100 and 200 euros.

After that, there are three main stages that follow:

  •  Design, based on measurements
  • Recommendations and product selection
  • Site monitoring and project implementation

A contract will be signed for one or for all the three stages as the client and designer agree. An interior designer does not ensure the execution of the project, he can collaborate with a construction company or with a team of craftsmen or with a team that you already have.

Now let’s analyze a bit the most important part: the design. The project is the most important because it comprises all the details. It will come with detailed plans and views, sketches, renderings and material boards and it will be ready in two-three weeks. As a price, you should consider a range between 10-15 euros/square meter.

So a designer will assure you functionality, will help you save money and also time.

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