The New Acropolis Museum

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The New Acropolis Museum

Located in the Makryianni area, the New Acropolis Museum is linked through a network of pedestrian walkways to the Parthenon. The concept itself is challenging because the building is supposed to house the most important sculptures of the Greek antiquity. The design is simple, non-monumental, so the visitor is focused on the extraordinary works of art.

The building commissioned by Bernard Tschumi is split into three: a base, middle and top which are designed to fulfill the specific needs of each part of the museum. The base floats over the existing excavations while the middle contains the main galleries.

The top, the most impressive part of the museum, houses the rectangular Parthenon Gallery which is arranged around an indoor court with the exact orientation as the Parthenon. The most contemporary glass technology is used to protect the gallery against excessive light and heat. Natural light is present in every display space, creating an atmosphere that changes throughout the course of the day.

The visitor’s route is in fact a clear loop, in chronological sequence, from pre-history to the late Roman period.

The materials chosen for this building are simple and sober: glass, concrete and marble. Glass is filtering the light while black marble floors guide you to the light beige floored galleries. The concrete provides the building’s structure and provides background for the artwork.

Hint: make sure you visit this wonderful museum during the afternoon, when the sun goes down for an amazing play of lights and shadows.

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