BOXaki is here to make your summer safe!

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BOXaki is here to make your summer safe!

Because the summer is all about sun, sea and safety, we are going to present you a great safety solution which aims to make you fully enjoy your stay at the beach without any worries!

Kosmovitsi Design Services presents today Boxaki, a unique safety box that stores, advertises and connects. In order to safely store your personal belongings at the beach there is no key required, you just have to wear a bracelet and then you’re free to dive into the blue.

Advertising was never easier since through BOXaki, you can set your brand, logo or company to a complete new level.

Your product is promoted in this way to your bathing customers, due to the well-designed six-side surface space which reveals a 6lt storage capacity which ensures the customers’ personal belongings (cellphones, tablets, keys, wallets etc.)

A QR-Code can be also added aiming to connect the vendor with the customer’s mobile phones as well upon their return and not just at the beach. In this way, the potential client can be notified about events and other promotions.

The spacious 6lt storage capacity offers to the vendor the ability to promote himself or any other product or activity.

The digital key is specifically designed for BOXaki through HF-RFID Technology (High Frequency – Radio Frequency Identification) and it also contains a sound indicator. It is produced in the form of a bracelet made of transparent TPU – thermoplastic polyurethane and it’s resistant to water, sun, hits and falls. Every bracelet has an identification number which unlocks the box by simply scanning the bracelet over the lock without taking it off the wrist.


  • Size: L: 25cm x W: 19cm x H: 26.5cm
  • Storage Capacity: 6lt
  • Net weight: 1.6kg
  • Material: Recyclable ABS with UV protection + PA plastic with glass fibers
  • Compatible umbrella pillar: from 25mm to 100mm
  • Batteries: 4 AA Alkaline batteries
  • Logo Surface Space: 24cm x 33cm (All four [4] surfaces allow 360 degrees visibility for ad / promo purposes)